About me

I’m from the Norwegian city called Sarpsborg. I was born in 1995 and already at the age of 7 I liked performing as a singer and actress at the local theater. Encouraged by family and friends, I took the singing more and more seriously and at the age of 16 decided to go ‘all in’.

I joined the Idol 2013 and thereafter The Voice 2015. Live performances gave a lot of experience and a real ‘kick’ confirming my decision of becoming an artist.

2016 became my breakthrough year as I released two own songs and my first music video (directed by Joon Brandt). I got a co-branding agreement with the cosmetic brand Isadora, as they used my song in one of their commercials (new release 2017).

My biggest achievement so far is being one of the 10 competitors for the Norwegian final of Eurovision Song Contest (MGP 2017). This will take place at the 11th of March. Joon Brandt has again directed a new music video for my contribution to the competition. We just recently came back from Sri Lanka, where we did the video recording.




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